Saturday, June 28, 2008

Raining AGAIN!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!
It has been rainy and kind of gloomy here today and since I have stayed in most of the day, I should have gotten more accomplished. I have done a ton of laundry it seems like and the washer is still going. I wanted to be more crafty today but didn't do much of that either. But I did get out all of my paper stash that I had scattered here, there, everywhere and have attempted to organize it. Lately I have bought alot of paper but didn't take the time to put it away...I hate it when I do that but funny I continue to do
Okay, I bought an ice cream ask me if I have a recipe, NO! I want to use it on the 4th but I better find a recipe to test out before then. Anytime I have tried a new recipe on my family and friends, it tends to not turn out...don't you hate that?! Hey, if any of you guys have a recipe that you want to share with me...share away, please! Here is another QVC purchase! A silicone baking sheet. I don't have any experience with this type of material but I am anxious to try it out. It's amazing how it just doesn't melt in the oven or it's not supposed to may find out differently. Jade had to get her cute little self in the photo. If I wanted to take her pic, she wouldn't have cooperated with me. I think I may try out the dog treat recipe that Shelly shared with us on this new baking sheet.
More supplies! Watercolor pencils!
I haven't used these in the past but so far they seem easy to work with. The lady at the store demonstrated how they worked and the differences in the pencils compared to the markers. I went with the pencils this time. Below is a photo of some tags I made using the watercolor pencils. It's kind of like coloring when we were kids, fun!

These are in my etsy shop!
You all will have to check out the Lemon Tree Studio at etsy, Shelly has some really CUTE things!

Well, it looks like the sun may try to come out for a whole few minutes before it's time to set again. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!



Anonymous said...

well, arent you a sweet pea, mentioning me and all....awwww, thank you!

there's a YUMMY looking ice cream maker recipe on heather baileys site!! i want to try it out, but i dont have a maker....she said its easy, just go to and its one of her last blogs....


lilyeden said...

SO, I see you won at JANESAYS! well, isnt it your lucky couple of weeks!! yay!

happy 4th!