Sunday, January 10, 2010

Above 32 degrees!

Today has been the warmest day around here in a while and I will take it!!! The weather the next few days looks wonderful.
I have been trying to get myself motivated to craft and organize, you know...all those new year's resolutions we have all made. For one thing, the Christmas cards we receive each year. It's hard to just trash those knowing someone took the time to send them out. Take a look at Stephanie's blog for a simple but creative use for our old cards. I just ran across her blog today and I am so glad I did.
Of course, I had to make a Hobby Lobby run yesterday, especially when there is a 40% off coupon ready to use. I keep telling myself I need to get my craft/scrap booking supplies organized better before I buy MORE...that concept really needs to kick in.
I had to get this matted picture when I saw it yesterday. It says "Life is Short - Enjoy the Ride."

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

BRRR!...It's cold out there!

We got two days of school in and missed again today. Last night it was snowing some but the temp and wind chill has been the major problem. I know alot of local schools just don't want the students to be out in the extreme cold so they have canceled the rest of the week. I know there are places with much colder temps and conditions so I am grateful because it could be so much worse. I think we only had one snow day built into our school calendar so these are days we will have to make up at some point.

This is Tiger, which is normally an outside cat. She has been in the house the last couple of days because of the cold temps.
This is Jade, which is a house cat for the most part. She and Tiger don't really like each other, so as you can imagine the growls and snarls that have been going
I hope everyone stays warm and toasty today!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day!

Today was supposed to be our first day back to school from Christmas Break but the weather had different plans for us. It was blowing some flurries around yesterday but evidently had more wet drizzle than I realized. With the cold temps, the drizzle turned into ice so needless to say...we didn't make it to school today. Speaking of weather, it's supposed to be like 0 degrees by the end of the week...BRRRR!!!! I hate it for the animals that have to stay outside. I am hoping spring will come early around here.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

As you can see, one of my New Year's resolutions might be to update my blog more than twice a year or I can't make any promises but I am sure going to try and do better. I read alot of my favorite blogs and think, my life isn't as exciting or I'm not crafting and making anything fun to talk about...looks like I better hook up huh!

I haven't tried to make a bunch of resolutions that are unrealistic but I have told myself I have to exercise and eat more healthy. Hopefully I can be a better person in general, give a helping hand more often and enjoy all the blessings I have been given!

The weather here in Oklahoma was really nice today, lots of nice sunshine. A welcomed change from the cold temps we have been having but then it is January so it's expected.

My two week Christmas break is winding down. It's been really nice to have the time off but in a few days I will be back with my students...I know the parents are ready to send them back to school by now...*smiles*

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!