Thursday, January 7, 2010

BRRR!...It's cold out there!

We got two days of school in and missed again today. Last night it was snowing some but the temp and wind chill has been the major problem. I know alot of local schools just don't want the students to be out in the extreme cold so they have canceled the rest of the week. I know there are places with much colder temps and conditions so I am grateful because it could be so much worse. I think we only had one snow day built into our school calendar so these are days we will have to make up at some point.

This is Tiger, which is normally an outside cat. She has been in the house the last couple of days because of the cold temps.
This is Jade, which is a house cat for the most part. She and Tiger don't really like each other, so as you can imagine the growls and snarls that have been going
I hope everyone stays warm and toasty today!!

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