Saturday, June 28, 2008

Raining AGAIN!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!
It has been rainy and kind of gloomy here today and since I have stayed in most of the day, I should have gotten more accomplished. I have done a ton of laundry it seems like and the washer is still going. I wanted to be more crafty today but didn't do much of that either. But I did get out all of my paper stash that I had scattered here, there, everywhere and have attempted to organize it. Lately I have bought alot of paper but didn't take the time to put it away...I hate it when I do that but funny I continue to do
Okay, I bought an ice cream ask me if I have a recipe, NO! I want to use it on the 4th but I better find a recipe to test out before then. Anytime I have tried a new recipe on my family and friends, it tends to not turn out...don't you hate that?! Hey, if any of you guys have a recipe that you want to share with me...share away, please! Here is another QVC purchase! A silicone baking sheet. I don't have any experience with this type of material but I am anxious to try it out. It's amazing how it just doesn't melt in the oven or it's not supposed to may find out differently. Jade had to get her cute little self in the photo. If I wanted to take her pic, she wouldn't have cooperated with me. I think I may try out the dog treat recipe that Shelly shared with us on this new baking sheet.
More supplies! Watercolor pencils!
I haven't used these in the past but so far they seem easy to work with. The lady at the store demonstrated how they worked and the differences in the pencils compared to the markers. I went with the pencils this time. Below is a photo of some tags I made using the watercolor pencils. It's kind of like coloring when we were kids, fun!

These are in my etsy shop!
You all will have to check out the Lemon Tree Studio at etsy, Shelly has some really CUTE things!

Well, it looks like the sun may try to come out for a whole few minutes before it's time to set again. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Nice Get-A-Way

It's always nice to get away for a few days and just enjoy not being on a schedule. Tyler and I went to Branson and had a good time. Of course, we ate too much...went to a few shows, shopped and just kicked back for a little while. The picture below was taken while we were on "Ride the Ducks"...pretty view. I think this boat is called the Branson Belle,(I think) can ride the boat plus have dinner and a show. We haven't been to that one, just have seen the boat docked as we went past.
And it wouldn't be a vacation (to my son) if we didn't go to an outdoor store of some kind. My son likes to hunt and fish so he was in hog heaven looking at all the goodies. I told him to take his time and look around because I was going to a few scrapbook stores later that I had located so I would definitely get my turn to look around...*smiles*
Yes, you are seeing correctly! This is a goat standing on a We were cracking up when we noticed what the goat was doing. Poor turtle but I guess he doesn't mind, he's huge and the goat is pretty small so maybe he doesn't mind accommodating the silly little goat! These photos were taken at a zoo and aquarium.
Such pretty, colorful fish also! Okay, someone tell the small stripped fish from the movie Nemo?!!! Can you tell my son is older and I haven't kept up with the movies for the younger kids...*smiles*
Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More QVC!

It was a good day! I got two packages from QVC today. Does that mean I have a little boring life if getting stuff in the mail excites me? Nah! Okay, here's the first package I want to talk times a touchy, difficult subject to talk about. The dreaded swimsuit! Normally I wouldn't be too excited about this subject either but I'm thinking I might like the one I received today. The company that makes it is called "It Figures," QVC carries this brand plus you can find them on other websites. The one I ordered is a skortini, I haven't worn this style before but seems comfy. If you look closely at the photo below, the fine print says "when your cup runneth over" funny! I have to be honest, that fits me...darn it but Anyway, lets just say that I need support on the top (was that too much info?) and when I tried this suit on actually felt pretty supportive even though it kind of looked deceiving. I'm not trying to advertise for the company or anything but I just wanted to share because let's face it, as many times do we really find a swimsuit we might actually like?!!

The second package was Philosophy's Cinnamon Buns shampoo, shower gel and bubble favorite! Plus I got the same scent in the lip gloss, YUM, YUM!!!!Well, basketball camp is finally over...HOORAY! I think I am getting too old to work the camp or I haven't had a long enough break from the

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Monday, June 16, 2008


LOOK what I got in the mail today! I'm so excited to get the upper tier of the Clip It Up! With purchases like these, I will have no more excuses to not be organized. What a snap it was to attach it, finally something that doesn't take days to put no leftover pieces...*smiles* Great deal on ebay. I made these yesterday for Father's Day. They are called Rocky Road Brownies, I think. They were good but very rich. Speaking of Father's Day, we had a great day...went to my parents and grilled burgers and dogs. Early yesterday morning, the weather was pretty rainy and blah but before too long...the shine came out along with the humidity and it was HOT. Since we were all together, my dad decided it was a good time to replace the liner on their above ground pool. So after lunch, we headed out to the hot yard. Now, why can't things be simple...silly question huh? Things come apart so easy, I don't understand why they don't go back together the same way. So finally, a few hours later in the hot was done and water hoses were turned on. Now the kids can swim as often as they want. I was too busy holding bits and pieces of things to get any pictures, darn it.
Last Friday night, my son wanted to watch the movie "The Strangers"...well, I had no intention of watching because it's just not my kind of movie. So he called a friend to go with us and bless his heart...I don't think he likes scary movies either but he went along. Okay, so I was desperate to find another movie to go to but nothing else was playing that was on the same time frame of their movie. I was even going to go watch the new something kung fu panda movie alone but it was sold Needless to say, I went on to the scary movie and sat in the back. I peeked through my hands about half of the movie, I was I wasn't screaming like some of the people in the son would had been so embarrassed if his mom was screaming at the top of her lungs...*smiles* I tried to control myself. I will be ready for just a good ole knee slapper movie the next time. My feet are killing me! We had another basketball camp today, only 2 more days THANK GOODNESS! I hold the honor of being the "Concession Queen" during these festivities. No one can hold a candle to me when it comes to throwing together some nachos and hot dogs.
Everyone have a great Tuesday!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Already Thursday Again

This week has flown by and it's been since last Thursday since I have posted here on my blog. You would think I would have all kinds of things to talk about since I have been so busy, Well, I did pick up some scrapbook supplies over the last week or so and of course that's always fun! Yesterday a friend and I drove an hour and a half to a scrapbook store that we love, yes...gas is how much a gal and we drove how far?!! I know, I know! But we do really enjoy this place. The owner really has things arranged to look so inviting and every time you go, she has things updated with the most current supplies and yesterday she was accepting coupons from other stores. You are thinking, did I use my coupon from Hobby Lobby and the answer is a big YES! I printed my 40% off coupon and away we went. I was a little disappointed because I had decided to get the top tier of the clip it up with my coupon and and darn it, they were OUT! (sad face) But believe me, I made good use of the coupon...*smiles* Okay Shelly, I posted these pictures of my supplies especially for you.
Get this, the 6 X 12 eggplant colored album below was just $5...I couldn't believe my eyes. Why didn't I gather up a ton of those, dang!

Isn't this the cutest fabric?!!! I couldn't resist it, what adorable dogs! My plan for this fabric is to make our dog Sissy, a bed with some old pillows. Okay, I need all of you talented ladies advice here...I want to recycle 2 pillows so I can make the bed bigger/wider. So can you all tell me the best way to do this, do I just make a big pillow case and stuff the 2 pillows inside? I don't want the pillows to separate when she lays on it, you know...where the 2 pillows are side by side kind of spread apart when she lays on it. My mom said I should just open up the pillows and use the stuffing (can you tell I really know my sewing lingo? but I really don't want to tear apart these old pillows. I guess my intent was to get some use out of these old things and make Sissy a decent bed at the same time. As you can see, I need all the help you can throw at me. Thank you all in advance. You guys enjoy your Friday!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cats can be sooo entertaining!

Today, Tyler and I couldn't resist buying this crinkle activity tunnel for the kittens at my mom's while we were at Petco. (Okay, has anyone else noticed it always smells in's the ferrets...isn't it?)
Anyway, I knew once the kittens got used to the noise the tunnels makes that they would be in hog heaven...and shazam, they were running back and forth having a great time. We just sat and laughed at them, they are so funny and cute. The tunnel was a big hit and will help entertain them from time to time. We should have gotten one of these for our cat Jade but you never know what she will like. She likes things on her terms, it would be like if she thought we wanted her to play with it she wouldn' and would probably wait and play with it while we were gone.
I have to put in a plug for the modern pet, an etsy store. I have ordered this dog deodorizer in the past and I ordered another one tonight for our dog Sissy. She has a bad habit of finding something disgusting in the yard to roll in at times and this stuff took care of the nasty odor. I was so excited to find it and will continue to use Funky Dog Organic Deodorizer...I better stock up because I caught Sissy rolling on a dead frog at my mom's (sorry, nasty!).
I also went to Hobby Lobby today and got lots of paper that was 50%, hooray!
Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer has hit Oklahoma!

Well, we finished up basketball camp today and was it hot or what?!!! I guess I should say, the humidity was horrible but then we were in the gym and not getting much air. Here is a picture of Sissy and she is looking at me like "leave me alone and stop flashing that camera!" She had been outside and just laid down and was loving the AC and I don't blame her one bit.Okay, I have been trying to sub Slim Fast in the mornings and I can do that but if I would just do the same for lunch, it would be really great!...but so far, I have just drank the Slim Fast a couple of times for lunch. It's filling but I want to chew and crunch something but then that's my I have been trying to also get on our total gym every night, I have most nights and arms have been sore!
I got my hair cut a little shorter than normal yesterday and I like it. With the humidity we have here, it will feel much cooler. Here's a funny I have to share, my son who will be 15 next month asked me a few days ago when was the last time I colored my hair. Of course, yesterday right after I got my hair cut, he really didn't like it but now today he thinks he likes it better. Don't you just love the honesty of kids!!!
Tomorrow is already Thursday and I need to go work a little while at school but I really want to work on some craft projects I have going also. I wonder which will win?...I just wonder...*smiles* I also want to go to Hobby Lobby, their paper is on sale for 50% some other goodies and I think there is a 25% off coupon online. I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where did May go????

I cannot believe the month of May is gone already! We have been out of school since May 14th and the summer is running at warp speed, darn it!...I know, I'm
Below is a picture of Sissy checking out a turtle she found in the yard. She is wanting to be brave but she isn't quite sure what it is so she is kind of keeping her distance.After I moved the turtle and his head popped inside his shell, Sissy did get a little closer look. Once we left the turtle alone, it didn't take him long to get the heck out of dodge.The weather was pretty nasty here til about noon so I made a few things for my etsy shop. Below are a few of the things I listed today.

We begin another basketball camp tomorrow, grades 5th-8th. I will be the concession queen These older kids won't be too bad, but what am I saying. I was noticing that the weather was calling for 90's and humid, of course it is...we have NO AC in the gym so it will be nice and sticky! YUCK!!! Everyone have a great Monday!