Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cats can be sooo entertaining!

Today, Tyler and I couldn't resist buying this crinkle activity tunnel for the kittens at my mom's while we were at Petco. (Okay, has anyone else noticed it always smells in's the ferrets...isn't it?)
Anyway, I knew once the kittens got used to the noise the tunnels makes that they would be in hog heaven...and shazam, they were running back and forth having a great time. We just sat and laughed at them, they are so funny and cute. The tunnel was a big hit and will help entertain them from time to time. We should have gotten one of these for our cat Jade but you never know what she will like. She likes things on her terms, it would be like if she thought we wanted her to play with it she wouldn' and would probably wait and play with it while we were gone.
I have to put in a plug for the modern pet, an etsy store. I have ordered this dog deodorizer in the past and I ordered another one tonight for our dog Sissy. She has a bad habit of finding something disgusting in the yard to roll in at times and this stuff took care of the nasty odor. I was so excited to find it and will continue to use Funky Dog Organic Deodorizer...I better stock up because I caught Sissy rolling on a dead frog at my mom's (sorry, nasty!).
I also went to Hobby Lobby today and got lots of paper that was 50%, hooray!
Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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shelly said...

paper paper, you know i love me some paper!! where's the pics LOL??!!