Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer has hit Oklahoma!

Well, we finished up basketball camp today and was it hot or what?!!! I guess I should say, the humidity was horrible but then we were in the gym and not getting much air. Here is a picture of Sissy and she is looking at me like "leave me alone and stop flashing that camera!" She had been outside and just laid down and was loving the AC and I don't blame her one bit.Okay, I have been trying to sub Slim Fast in the mornings and I can do that but if I would just do the same for lunch, it would be really great!...but so far, I have just drank the Slim Fast a couple of times for lunch. It's filling but I want to chew and crunch something but then that's my I have been trying to also get on our total gym every night, I have most nights and arms have been sore!
I got my hair cut a little shorter than normal yesterday and I like it. With the humidity we have here, it will feel much cooler. Here's a funny I have to share, my son who will be 15 next month asked me a few days ago when was the last time I colored my hair. Of course, yesterday right after I got my hair cut, he really didn't like it but now today he thinks he likes it better. Don't you just love the honesty of kids!!!
Tomorrow is already Thursday and I need to go work a little while at school but I really want to work on some craft projects I have going also. I wonder which will win?...I just wonder...*smiles* I also want to go to Hobby Lobby, their paper is on sale for 50% some other goodies and I think there is a 25% off coupon online. I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


shellyq said...

I was a military brat, so my dad was stationed in lawton, ok....i think i was like 6-8 years old...i can still remember the sweltering heat!! are you close to lawton?

shelly said...


April said...

Sissy is so darn cute....dont you just love a long dog low to the ground....too cute !

lily eden said...

i wanted to ask you about that slim you think it really works?? i have tried it now for a couple days and it hasn't done squat!! makes me more hungry, LOL!