Thursday, June 12, 2008

Already Thursday Again

This week has flown by and it's been since last Thursday since I have posted here on my blog. You would think I would have all kinds of things to talk about since I have been so busy, Well, I did pick up some scrapbook supplies over the last week or so and of course that's always fun! Yesterday a friend and I drove an hour and a half to a scrapbook store that we love, yes...gas is how much a gal and we drove how far?!! I know, I know! But we do really enjoy this place. The owner really has things arranged to look so inviting and every time you go, she has things updated with the most current supplies and yesterday she was accepting coupons from other stores. You are thinking, did I use my coupon from Hobby Lobby and the answer is a big YES! I printed my 40% off coupon and away we went. I was a little disappointed because I had decided to get the top tier of the clip it up with my coupon and and darn it, they were OUT! (sad face) But believe me, I made good use of the coupon...*smiles* Okay Shelly, I posted these pictures of my supplies especially for you.
Get this, the 6 X 12 eggplant colored album below was just $5...I couldn't believe my eyes. Why didn't I gather up a ton of those, dang!

Isn't this the cutest fabric?!!! I couldn't resist it, what adorable dogs! My plan for this fabric is to make our dog Sissy, a bed with some old pillows. Okay, I need all of you talented ladies advice here...I want to recycle 2 pillows so I can make the bed bigger/wider. So can you all tell me the best way to do this, do I just make a big pillow case and stuff the 2 pillows inside? I don't want the pillows to separate when she lays on it, you know...where the 2 pillows are side by side kind of spread apart when she lays on it. My mom said I should just open up the pillows and use the stuffing (can you tell I really know my sewing lingo? but I really don't want to tear apart these old pillows. I guess my intent was to get some use out of these old things and make Sissy a decent bed at the same time. As you can see, I need all the help you can throw at me. Thank you all in advance. You guys enjoy your Friday!



Nicole said...

So excited to have you be in the card swap. Jealous of your fun new papper and stuff. Sometimes it's all so cute, it's tough to use. Hey could you email me your email address and I'll keep you posted on all the info. It's

Anonymous said...

CUte cute cute!!! Nothin like new paper and new fabrics! THat was a rgeat deal on the album....gotta get them while they're hot like that!! SOmetimes I buy multiples of something i realy really love or if its a good deal because otherwise i'll be thinking about it forever!! enjoy your friday!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!! I love your new paper you bought... have a great weekend:)