Monday, June 16, 2008


LOOK what I got in the mail today! I'm so excited to get the upper tier of the Clip It Up! With purchases like these, I will have no more excuses to not be organized. What a snap it was to attach it, finally something that doesn't take days to put no leftover pieces...*smiles* Great deal on ebay. I made these yesterday for Father's Day. They are called Rocky Road Brownies, I think. They were good but very rich. Speaking of Father's Day, we had a great day...went to my parents and grilled burgers and dogs. Early yesterday morning, the weather was pretty rainy and blah but before too long...the shine came out along with the humidity and it was HOT. Since we were all together, my dad decided it was a good time to replace the liner on their above ground pool. So after lunch, we headed out to the hot yard. Now, why can't things be simple...silly question huh? Things come apart so easy, I don't understand why they don't go back together the same way. So finally, a few hours later in the hot was done and water hoses were turned on. Now the kids can swim as often as they want. I was too busy holding bits and pieces of things to get any pictures, darn it.
Last Friday night, my son wanted to watch the movie "The Strangers"...well, I had no intention of watching because it's just not my kind of movie. So he called a friend to go with us and bless his heart...I don't think he likes scary movies either but he went along. Okay, so I was desperate to find another movie to go to but nothing else was playing that was on the same time frame of their movie. I was even going to go watch the new something kung fu panda movie alone but it was sold Needless to say, I went on to the scary movie and sat in the back. I peeked through my hands about half of the movie, I was I wasn't screaming like some of the people in the son would had been so embarrassed if his mom was screaming at the top of her lungs...*smiles* I tried to control myself. I will be ready for just a good ole knee slapper movie the next time. My feet are killing me! We had another basketball camp today, only 2 more days THANK GOODNESS! I hold the honor of being the "Concession Queen" during these festivities. No one can hold a candle to me when it comes to throwing together some nachos and hot dogs.
Everyone have a great Tuesday!



Nicole said...

Oh, those rocky road brownies look sooooooo good. I love all the crafty stuff you've made, I'm so excited to see what you make for the card swap. Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

gimme some of those brownies!!! YUMMY yummy! I have seen those little clippie thingys around and wondered if they are worth it...i think i would need at aleast a dozen of them, LOL! I have stacks and stacks and stacks of things that could be hung! I don;t even kow where to start!
Sent out your magnets--lemme know when you get them safe and sound!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

My oh My... save a brownie for me.... I am on my way!

Thanks for your input on my post today.... what a mess this has turned into. sighhhh...