Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello Sunshine

The weather was great here today, not a cloud in the sky. Maybe the cold weather is on it's way out for good this time. Speaking of nice weather, I need some warm days so I can continue to pick up sticks and parts of limbs that are still taking over my yard. It's almost like they are reproducing right before my eyes. And in order to take care of the mess, I needed a isn't that something we like to spend our money on but it's a necessity. You are probably wondering why in the world I took a photo but I just had to after putting the goofy thing together all by myself. I thought, how hard could it be right? Oh my, I opened the box and there were all kinds of nuts and bolts but about 2 hours later...I got that baby put together. After all that work, I almost hated to use it...just wanted to shine it up and admire Has anyone tried this little item, it called Pedi-Paws, a nail trimmer for dogs and cats. Well, needless to say...Sissy is scared of it. The noise isn't that bad but it spins really fast so when I try to get her nail close to it...she stresses out. The instructions say that the animal should get more used to it as you try to condition them to it but I have my doubts with our dog Sissy. I thought it would be worth a try for $20. Her nails grow so quickly and I hate to use just the regular manual nail trimmers/clippers. Maybe someone can give me some helpful hints on this item.
We enjoyed our weekend and hope you did also!

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Michelle said...

You know, I haven't tried it but when I had manicures done awhile back they used it on me and I hated it because it burned sometimes! Of course, pet nails are different. :)