Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Special Birthday and More Fun...

Tomorrow, my son Tyler will be 15 years old! That is so hard to believe, I've said it before but I will say it AGAIN...they grow up so fast! So all of you mom's with young children, enjoy every minute! I have been very blessed to be Tyler's mom!
Even though Tyler's birthday isn't until the 9th, we normally celebrate it on the 4th when everyone is together plus it has always made him feel like all of the fireworks and celebration was just for him. We had lots of good food and fun on that day. He asked for a hashbrown casserole, steak and homemade ice cream and it was all delicious. 1 box of fireworks = $65
Look on his face = priceless!

Isn't it amazing what fabulous colors and sounds come from these small packages.
Sissy cooling off this afternoon, she loves to jump in every chance she gets. She is just like the kids, after a day of swimming they are exhausted...well right now she is laying by my feet tuckered out!
Tyler thinks he is getting too old to have his photo taken, he doesn't say it but the look on his face...lol...but I'm not going to stop!!
It has been so busy since the 4th, I have been running here and there trying to get some things finished. Even though it's summer break, I have things that are due in the summer months. Yesterday, I went to school and completed to reports that were due. I will need to go to school a few more times before we report back on Aug. 4th. Oh yes, can't forget mowing the yard...with all the rain then a little sunshine...the grass grows overnight. Today, had a dental appt. and you know how much fun those things are. Is it just me or is the summer FLYING by?!!

I have been wanting to do some crafting but I can't get other things done to free up some time.

Tyler and I will go eat somewhere tomorrow for his birthday. He hasn't decided where just yet? He likes Mexican so maybe that will be his choice, yummy!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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