Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Wednesday already?!

Where does the time go? School is already flying by so quickly! But I know we all feel that way. School is really busy right now, screening preschoolers, setting up schedules, parent meetings, plus my son's new high school schedule...dropping him off at a new school, picking him up from football practice. He's adjusting pretty well to being a freshman this year, he's had a few difficulties but I've very proud of him. Playing football at the high school level has been pretty stressful, the coaches expect the kids to step it up a level quickly so's going okay.

Shelly tagged me last week and I am just now getting to it, sorry Shelly! So here goes, better late than never.

4 Things-

4 things I "want" in a husband (Shelly listed 4 things about her husband but since I am - a great sense of humor, caring/loving/considerate patient, someone who loves kids and who gets why they bring up so much joy.

4 movies I have seen more than once - Vacation, Pretty Woman, Water Boy, Forrest Gump.

4 TV shows I watch - Reba, Wife Swap, Food Network, QVC.

4 places I have been - Mexico, Florida, Montana, Ohio.

4 people who email me regularly - Joey, Lavonn, Bub, Sis.

4 favorite foods - pizza, Mexican, hot fudge sundaes, pasta.

4 things I am looking forward to in the coming year (2009) - Watching my son turn into a wonderful young man ( we are learning to drive this year, oh JOY!), having a productive school year with my speech kiddos, spending more time with my family/friends, living my life for TODAY.

I tag April, Nicole, and Holly.

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