Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun Friday

Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby and found these cute little hanging extenders. They can be used for hanging flowers/plants, bird feeders, or whatever suits your fancy. I actually bought one to give as a gift, now if I can just decide which one to part with. The ladybugs are adorable and it is a little longer than the butterfly extender.
I also found this copper bird feeder, so cute! and it was 50% off...even cuter than
Now look close the the photo below the bird feeder. As I was out the yard this morning trying to come up with that "just right" place to hang it, imagine who I ran into?!!! YES, our cat Jade. I think she thinks I got the feeder for her so she can sneak attack all the unsuspecting birds that stop to get a snack.
This post she is sitting on actually looks closer to the bird feeder than it really is so she will have a hard time catching the birds unless she decides to go airborne.
So I bought Jade some catnip so maybe she will be HAPPY and leave the birds alone. She loves the stuff but the dried version has more of an affect on her it seems.
It's been a great day here in Oklahoma but already hot and humid! I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend!

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♥PugPosse♥ said...

I Love love love thoes hanger extenders! Great find!

You aked where I found the Pugs harnesses......
I ordered the Pupia Harness here at

I have ordered through them quite a few times....Very pleased with the company and fast delivery!