Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rainy A.M. Tuesday

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend, we did. Today I went to school and worked a few hours. School is technically out, but I still have a few things due here and there so I will have to work some. Tomorrow we have a basketball camp beginning for grades 1st through 4th. I will run the concession stand for the kids, now doesn't that sound like FUN! I will try to load the kids up on sugar then send them home, parents always love that...*smiles* (Just Kidding).
As you can see, the early morning storms didn't seem to bother Jade...looks like it just made her more sleepy. She has such a rough life!...lol.After a few more hours of napping, looks like she may actually start to wake up. I see that look in her eye, she is wondering why in the heck flashes were going off in her face a few hours earlier.
My mom got some baby chicks, they are so cute!
They are having a good time, chirping and scratching in the hay like they are big chickens.
As a kid, we always had baby chicks and ducks...we have always been animal lovers.

Everyone have a great Wednesday!


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lily eden said...

Awwww..those baby chick are sooo sweet, I love em!

thank you for stopping by my blog as well! thanks for the great fathers day idea!!