Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Things...

like fresh strawberries. We have quite a few strawberry patches in this area, so if you like can eat them til your hearts content. They are in season around a month or so. Does anyone use Philosophy's Amazing Grace? I do, I love it! This was a gift from a friend for my birthday that was earlier in the month. I forgot all about it til I found it in the trunk of my car. Great fragrance!
Here are a few cards that I made a few days ago and put in my etsy shop. I love the dog and cat, too cute!

Well, I made it through the first day of basketball camp. Man, it was hot and humid. Our gym does not have AC, so it was a little muggy but the kids seem to make it just fine. It was just the adults that looked hot and My feet are killing me but just two more days and it is over until next week when we have another one. Surely my feet will be more used to it by then.
Have a great Thursday!

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shelly said...

i looooove "amazing grace"! that is so funny that you put it in your trunk and forgot! LOL, I used to do that with clothes in my closet!