Sunday, May 18, 2008

Great Weekend

The weekend was so nice, great weather...actually warming up quickly here in Oklahoma. I knew I would complain about the rainy weather enough til, weather is here! Here in a month or so I will probably be wishing for some rain. Okay, has anyone put tried to put together a portable basketball goal? Me neither, til this weekend. But I should say, it isn't completed yet. Look at the photo above. My son and I started it late on Saturday afternoon then got tired after a few hours and never really made the time today to finish it up. I think we are actually on step 19, of 20 steps total. Too bad the illustrations are normally worthless. I won't brag until the last bolt and screw is used and there are no EXTRA

Stay tuned!

I was so excited to finally try this doggie treat recipe that I found on Corgi, Sissy loved them and so did my mom's dogs. They were really easy to make and actually made quite a few of them. They are so cute in the little bone shapes, I can't wait to share them with my friend who has a couple of little weinie dogs.

Are these not the cutest kittens?!!! My sil is a postal carrier and she gets to know alot of people. I'm sure she sees some animals that aren't taken care of and then those that are loved just like we do our pets. The owner of these little guys wanted to give them away due to allergies. I'm not sure where the mama kitty is, I didn't want to know if something bad had happened. Anyway, needless to mom has all four of these little guys. They are so loving, you wouldn't realize that they have only known us a couple of days.

Well, tomorrow I go to Dallas with a group of 8th grade honor students from my school. My son, Tyler is one of those students...I'm very proud of him. We are taking a good bunch of kids so everyone should have a great time. I need to pack a few more things before I head to bed. Have a great week!



Boy & Girl said...

I love homemade doggie treats! I'm going to have to try those for pug. He'll eat anything, but these look really cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Well Hello there! Thats for stopping in! Sissy is ADORABLE! a friend of ours has a corgi. Named Hunze. I will be sure to check back in!