Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Survived Graduation

My son Tyler, graduated from 8th grade last Thursday night. During the practice on Thursday, it was quite the waterworks show from some of the kids and a few parents. I knew I would be on the verge of being a little emotional myself, especially when the girls sang a song about friends...a few of them began to cry and I thought "Oh know" here I go. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad. At the end of the of the program, they present a slide show of pictures at various ages of the kids especially baby photos. Watching it and seeing Tyler as a baby with his little curls, he was so cute...caused a few tears. I know it's not like he graduated from high school but it's still an emotional thing knowing they are moving up to the high school level. I dread next year when I go to school and for the first time, my son won't be riding with me...I will drop him off at the high school. I know, I'm a baby!...*smiles*...I am very, very proud of Tyler!

Here is a picture of Tyler and I at his graduation.

This past weekend was really nice! My birthday was on Friday and I got to spend it with good friends, which is extra special. On Saturday we went to the Strawberry Festival, yes...we are the STRAWBERRY CAPITOL of the world and were the strawberries good? YES!! Of course after the parade, we looked at the arts and crafts. I took Tyler, Cale and nephew and niece. I also got to visit with my best friend from school, you forget how much fun it is just to talk about stuff and laugh. The day was good, the weather held up for the most part...just a small shower. Later that night, we got more rain and the wind blew just a little more than I realized. Here is a photo of a limb or I guess part of the tree that fell onto the road to our house. I'm glad it wasn't a tree too close to the house.

I had a good time with my family today. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Mother's Day also. Have a great Monday!


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