Monday, May 5, 2008

The Weekend and My Mom's B-Day.

This past weekend was nice, it was my mom's birthday so my son and I took her out to eat. We went to Market Place in Fayetteville, AR...they have the best sweet potato fries! I was wanting to get my mom a new camera for her birthday so we stopped on the way home to pick one. She has only had film cameras in the past, no digital ones at all. I knew she could learn how to use one (a digital) but really didn't know if she that's what she wanted. When I asked the lady at the counter if they had any film cameras, she had the funniest look on her face. She walked out from behind the counter toward us with a camera in her hand and started explaining to me how easy digital cameras were to use. I then said that it was for my mom so she then continued to explain the features to her. Needless to say, that's the one I got for my mom and she seemed excited about it. It will take some practice but she will figure it out and then will decide she loves digital cameras. Darn it!, if I would have been thinking...I would have posted a picture that mom took with her new camera.

Okay, I have to share this new item that I found with everyone. It's called Dog-Zerts, sundae treats for dogs. We order food items from Schwan's at school from time to time and I found this in the food catalog one day. It cracked me up and of course I had to order a box of the treats for Sissy, our Corgi. They are beef flavor and they are frozen like regular ice cream, actually looks like sprinkles on the top. On the back of the back it reads "Not intended for human consumption," need to worry, I don't think the beef flavor would be very appetizing once it starts to thaw...*smiles*

Here is Sissy gobbling up her treat.

The weather was so nice here this past weekend. Things seem to be greener everyday which is a welcomed sight. We have had so much rain, it's not even funny but I know we are not the only area getting too much. Yard work can be so much work but then I guess that's why they call it "work" huh? I enjoy it in the beginning but then when the grass needs to be mowed every other day and you can't stay ahead of the weeds, I usually have had my fill of the ole yard work...*smiles*. Here are a few photos of some flowers that are just blooming away in our yard.


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Biddie said...

I am still learning on my digicam, too. I still need the kids to load photos for me.
LOVE your little corgi.