Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are we ready for high school yet?

Well, I think we have everything completed so my son can begin high school in a few weeks. We've had orientations, enrollment, filled out forms multiple times and physicals this past week. So, finally...maybe that's it for a while.
Has it been hot where you are?
It's been 99 and 100 degrees here in Oklahoma and the heat index even higher. I like summer but not the humidity and so hot that you can even think about being outside from around noon til 4:00 or so...but what am I saying, that's just how it's going to be for a while.
I completely dislike winter and cold weather but fall doesn't even sound like a bad word about right
I would like to thank Shelly for saying such nice things about me and plugging my little etsy shop. She is a great girl and has wonderful goodies in her shop, lemon tree studio. Thank you Shelly!
Here are a few new things in my shop, a cute little owl cut from felt with big button eyes!
Finally completed this paper bag album, it would be great for alot of different occasions.

And this little embellished tag!


Just me.....Shelly said...

Oh, you know I love talkin up other etsians!!
CUTE OWL!! Hoo Hoo!!

hautemommy said...

Thanks for popping in to say hi on my blog!! You have such a great blog AND etsy shop, wow!! What a creative momma!!! :) And I loveeee Lemon Tree Studio, such cute things:) xo!!

hautemommy said...

Yes I was in that swap! I made the believe cards!!! :) That was sooo much fun to get all the cute cards, wasn't it?! :) xo!