Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Blogged How Long Ago???

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted here, but time does fly...doesn't it!!
Okay, I did get my dryer fixed...maybe I already posted that, I guess I should blog more often and I can keep up with what I have
We got Tyler enrolled in high school last week and we got all the teachers we wanted.
BTW: We got there for enrollment and waited our turn in line at 8:50 am, enrollment wasn't starting til 12:00...can you tell we were determined to get there early so we could get the teachers we wanted...*smiles*. Of course, you hear from others who you should take for this or that. Tyler's goal was to take teachers/classes that were going to be possibly easier than My goal is for him to take teachers who are willing to work with the students and parents. Being a teacher, I am going to go to parent/teacher conferences, email, and just keep in contact with Tyler's teachers and his progress. Just being a freshman at a new school will be overwhelming in lots of ways for him but I know he will do fine...I am just going to do my part and keep up with things at the high school. It will be probably more of an adjustment for me, Tyler has been at the same school as me since preschool...I am going to miss having him there with me. I know, I'm being a baby...can't help it!
We did go shopping for school clothes also last week, did I tell you guys how much fun it is shopping with a 15 yr old?! Nah, it wasn't too bad...we weren't going to get everything, just a few things on our list so he did find 3 pairs of shorts. We will have to go another time later but at least we got a little accomplished. I know some of you guys are saying, school clothes...but Tyler will start school Aug. 7th. Poor me, I start back Aug. 4th!!!
Look at this cute little pincushion I made. I have seen some like this on etsy and wanted to make one for myself! Too CUTE!
Here are a few things I put in my etsy shop. A gift card holder and some felt embellishments.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


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