Thursday, July 10, 2008

A broken dryer, freshman orientation and MORE Rain...

Don't you just hate it when things break down or just don't work the way they are supposed to?!
Well, late yesterday afternoon our dryer stopped still runs but will not dry the clothes. I don't know how many times I turned the dryer back on attempting to get a load of towels dry but no luck...I'm thinking it's the heating element. So this morning, I called the place that works on them and asked if they could order the part for me and if they would replace it. The guy said yes and that he should have the parts he needs. He said it's probably the heating element or the thermostat. That was the easy part, next I had to move the dryer so he will be able to get to the back of it...I can't believe the dust bunnies and junk that was under and behind the dryer. Where do those things come from? Anyway, he is supposed to come check out the dryer in the morning, hopefully he can fix it and have us up and running soon.
Tonight was freshman orientation at the high school. I still can't believe Tyler will be starting high school in a few weeks. I am probably more overwhelmed than he is. We have lots of new rules and things to remember, hopefully we won't make too many mistakes along the way. Next week we go back and actually enroll, he's nervous but also seems excited.
A few days ago Shelly posted some info on her blog about all the different adhesives she uses and which ones she prefers over others. I agree with her on how some of these dispensers are a pain and just don't work the way they are supposed to. Alot of them work fine until you start to refill them and then they never seem to work the same again. This one below is one that I use and really like, it's from creative's refillable also.
You are probably looking at this picture below and thinking "what the heck?"
I was reading April's blog a few days ago and she posted some photos of things she collects. She was responding to a post on Crystal's blog. I couldn't think of anything really cute or unique that I collect but I do tend to hold on to these type of containers. Yes, at the time I think "don't throw that away because I may need it to make something really crafty." I have more than the photo shows so really, how may do I need to keep? I am going to try and not hold on to very many of them, maybe just a

Happy Friday!



♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh No! a broken Dryer??? I can understand your pain, My washing machine just quit and it is only a year old!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Tyler!! view my blog I need your email address...I trued adding your blog addy but it is asking for emails only...if you wish sent it to me at


Anonymous said...

OMG, that is sooo funny!! I also collect big jars and containers!! I have a HUGE GIGANTIC bin in our basement that I keep throwing them it because i just know i'm gonna need them someday, lol! Ya know....maybe lily will need one for collecting bugs or whatever or maybe for glad to know i'm not alone!!

p.s....LOL at the slim fast, i had to sop that stuff, it was making me MORE hungry, i swear!